Efes beer has become synonymous with beer in Turkey since 1969 with nearly 80% market share. It is a lager beer with 5% alcohol by volume. Efes Pilsener is the fl agship brand of Efes Beverage Group and is also produced in Russia and Romania and exported to almost 30 countries around the globe.


All great minds say that happiness is in the small things in life. It’s not about what you have or what you get but how you choose to live everyday. The secret is to learn how make the most of the day and to enjoy every moment passionately.


With the right spirit, life could be just perfect. All you need is a cold beer, a couple of good friends, a bit of sunshine, and the chant of theMediterranean sea … Or you can just have a sip of EFES

Beylerbeyi Premium Göbek Rakı is produced from grapes using traditional methods. Our premium spirits have no added sugar and ethyl alcohol which distinguishes it from others. 3X distilled alcohol obtained from 100% grapes from the Aegean region. In each distillation, the best part of the distilled alcohol, (called "Gobek" in Turkish meaning belly-) has been preserved and re-distilled for the perfect purity and smoothness of alcohol.

During the distillation of soma with anise, the first and the last part of the distilled product is discarded, only the remaining superior quality batch obtained from the middle section is kept. NO EXTRA ALCOHOL OR SUGAR IS ADDED.